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What is the Best Material for Dock Building?


Azek Decking350x215Great decks and docks all share in one feature- great materials! At Keys Deck & Dock Supply, we know that solid construction is the key to a sturdy dock, and the best materials are an integral part of the construction process. What is the best material for dock building? These days, PVC has taken over as the top contender for quality deck and dock building. At Keys Deck & Dock Supply, we work with many different PVC deck and dock manufacturers to create the perfect deck or dock. If you need a little convincing on this material, check out the top 5 benefits of PVC decking in Pompano Beach:

  1. Simple maintenance. This is probably the biggest benefit of PVC decks and docks. With PVC decking, there’s no need to reseal, repaint or re-coat your dock. PVC naturally resists mold, mildew, staining and damage from regular sun, freshwater and saltwater exposure.
  2. Heat dissipation. Anyone who has stepped onto a scalding hot deck or dock knows how terrible that experience can be. Instead, you can count on our PVC decking to successfully dissipate heat. You can walk barefoot on many of our PVC decks or docks without feeling the heat.
  3. Old school decks and docks used to be seriously heavy. A heavy dock has many restrictions in size, shape and construction type. But with our lightweight PVC decking, you can enjoy more flexible building and increased safety.
  4. Splinter & termite free. When it comes to the benefits of PVC decking in Pompano Beach, this another major benefit. Wood-free PVC will be of no interest to termites, and dangerous splinters cannot form when you’re trusting PVC for your deck or dock.
  5. Slip resistance. Safety is a big concern when it comes to deck and dock installation. At Keys Deck & Dock Supply, we can design and install PVC decking that’s slip resistant, bringing increased safety and style.

At Keys Deck & Dock Supply, we can install customized PVC decks or docks with many of these benefits. There are also may other benefits of PVC decking in Pompano Beach. What is the best material for dock building? You choose from our traditional PVC decking, and we also even offer decking materials that are 100 percent recycled. We can complete your new dock with our top quality dock supplies in Pompano Beach. To explore all of your PVC options, please click here.

What is the Best Material for My Deck?


What is the Best Material for My Deck?Pools, boat docks, outdoor gathering spaces and patios all share in the need for great decks. At Keys Deck & Dock Supply, we like to think that we’re the best experts when it comes to designing and installing great decks and docks throughout Pompano Beach. When you’re investing in a great new deck, you probably have many different questions. What color deck should I choose? How big does my deck need to be? What is the best material for my deck? Our team at Keys Deck & Dock Supply is here to help answer these, and many other, deck questions!

There are many different materials for decks and docks. While wood used to be the most popular material, these days it’s become outdated. You don’t need splintering surfaces that are prone to erosion, PVC has taken over as the most popular decking material. At Keys Deck & Dock Supply, we offer the best PVC decking prices in Pompano Beach. Of course, low prices aren’t the only benefits of PVC decking.

With PVC decking, deck maintenance has never been easier. That’s because PVC decking is UV resistant, meaning its colors won’t fade. It’s also lightweight, and it resists heat retention. You also won’t have to worry about termites when you trust in PVC decking. There’s no need to paint, stain or continually reseal PVC decking. And at Keys Deck & Dock Supply, we can create beautiful PVC decking that mimics the look of wood decking, minus the annoying upkeep!

What is the best material for my deck? PVC is the best material for residential and commercial decking needs, but there are many options to choose from when it comes to your PVC decking. At Keys Deck & Dock Supply, we work with top manufactures including:

  • Brock Dock
  • Tandeck
  • TUFboard
  • DeckLok
  • Azek
  • Titan Deck
  • & Many More!

Many of our decks boast unique color and pattern combinations for a customized look. We also offer decks that are LEED certified with 100 percent recycled materials. We can help design the perfect deck for your budget, needs and style preferences.

As you can see, there are seemingly endless options when it comes to your PVC decking options. If you’re still wondering “what is the best material for my deck?”, then it’s time to enlist the help of our deck and dock experts at Keys Deck & Dock Supply. Give our team a call at (954) 545-0660 to get your new deck quote!

PVC Decking Can Transform Your Pompano Beach Home


There are many different materials you can use for building your deck in Pompano Beach. But lately, PVC decking has become extremely popular. Keys Deck & Dock Supply, (954) 545-0660, specializes in PVC decking in the Pompano Beach. If you don’t know what PVC decking is, give us a call and we will be more than happy to go over details. This is just one of many areas in which Keys Deck & Dock Supply excels. Contact us by phone and we will connect you with a qualified representative. We look forward to hearing from you, soon.

What is PVC Decking?

 PVC decking is also known as cellular decking materials. It is made up of polyvinyl chloride. It is lighter than other forms of PVC and functions almost as good as natural wood. It is easy to install and take care of.

There are numerous benefits to PVC decks including:

-Functions like wood – Many other synthetic materials feel “plastic,” but PVC decking mimics wood in look and feel.

-Durability – PVC decks are sturdy and won’t wear and tear like other materials. It is also mildew, mold and rot resistant.

-Easy to Care for – The outer layer of the PVC decking makes it easy to maintain.

There are many other benefits to using PVC decking. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or stop by our location and speak with a representative. We can make your PVC deck project in Pompano Beach a big hit. Call now and get a jump on your neighbors. Give us a call today. We are waiting to hear from you.



Where Can You Find New Deck Installation for the Holidays?


Deck Installation Pompano BeachIf you love spending time in the great outdoors, there are few better places to live in the country than South Florida. It’s always a great time to relax on the boat or host a backyard party. With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s important for your decks to look their best. But if your decks are damaged or have seen their better days, there is a solution. The professionals at the Keys Deck & Dock Supply have the expertise and supplies to provide complete deck installation in Pompano Beach.

Over the years, we’ve gotten all kinds of questions from new customers. Among the most common is, “What is the best material for my deck?” At Keys Deck & Dock Supply we have the perfect solutions to your needs. Our team of highly skilled professionals can provide both PVC decking and HDPE decking in Pompano Beach. Back in the day, wood was always the preferred material because of its natural sturdy appearance. But advances in technology have created new materials which provide the same appearance as wood, but provide far superior durability.

One of the best solutions is installing new PVC decking. Pompano Beach is a beautiful place to live. But constant exposure to moisture, heat and humidity can take a tremendous toll on wood decks. At Keys Deck & Dock Supply, our PVC decking in Pompano Beach is among our most popular products. The reasons are simple. PVC decking isn’t real wood. However, it’s engineered to look exactly like the real thing.  PVC decking is made from 100 percent polyvinyl chloride, an extremely durable material that resembles real wood, but is built to last for years. Unlike wood decks, our PVC decking in Pompano Beach is easier to maintain and comes in a variety of vibrant colors. There are so many amazing benefits of PVC decking Pompano Beach.  It’s easy to maintain and resistant to UV rays and fading. You don’t have to bother with yearly staining or any deterioration.

Keys Deck & Dock Supply also provides complete HDPE decking in Pompano Beach. Imagine owning a maintenance free deck? It’s not something that sounds too good to be true. HDPE decking is one of the most innovative decking products currently on the market. It’s produced from a durable thermoplastic that can withstand the toughest weather conditions South Florida has to offer. HDPE stands for high-density polyethylene, which provides the benefits of low maintenance along and can be customized to your specifications. The results are a beautiful deck that’s built to last for years.

Celebrate the holidays in style. Show off your new deck at your outdoor or backyard party. For the best in professional deck installation in Pompano Beach, turn to the team at Keys Deck & Dock Supply.

Trust the Best for Deck Installation in Pompano Beach


Deck Installation Pompano BeachIf you live in Pompano Beach and you need deck installation professionals to help with your project, give Keys Deck & Dock Supply a call. We have a team of qualified workers who can either help you or take on the entire task by scratch. We specialize in deck installation in the Pompano Beach area, and South Florida in general. There is no need to stress yourself out, call Keys Deck & Dock Supply today at (954) 545-0660. Whether you have a DIY (Do It Yourself) project and need some guidance, or you want a professional to take on the job, we can accommodate you. Contact us today.

Professional vs. DIY

Whenever a homeowner is doing any sort of remodeling or renovations around the house, there is one question that comes to mind, “Should I do it myself, or get a professional?” For some, tackling a home project is a piece of cake, but for others, it may be a nightmare. So, it is best to weigh the pros and cons of both scenarios.


When you hire a professional for any job, there is an automatic markup on material and labor fee. Many contractors charge three times the cost of the material to cover most of their expenses. In this case, if you are a handy person it may be cheaper to tackle the project on your own – assuming you know what you are doing.


 If you do a project yourself it will take away from your time; time you can be using to take on other pressing issues. By hiring a professional, you have the luxury of time – killing two (or more) birds with one stone. So in this case, using a professional is your best bet.

Best of Both Worlds

 Of course, you can always buy the materials yourself (make sure to contact a contractor for recommendations as to what to buy) and have a professional do the complicated work, while you put on the finishing touches. This way you can save money and still have a quality project.

If you need to speak with a professional contractor give Keys Deck & Dock Supply a call today. We can advise on which approach to take before starting your deck installation project. The most important thing is that you have a completed product you are happy with. Give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you, soon.